1 The Oz Browser

The Oz Browser is a concurrent output tool for displaying possibly partial information about the values of variables.

The Browser is written in Oz itself

However, it uses a number of private features of the Oz implementation, which are not described in this manual or somewhere else, but required to achieve the special Browser functionality, like browsing in local computation spaces.

and constitutes a nontrivial example of concurrent programming in Oz. Its source code is shipped with the Oz distribution.

Browser has a graphical user interface which is built using the Oz Tk interface (see ``Window Programming in Mozart''). Hopefully, it is mainly ``self-explaining'' and its use is quite straightforward.

Figure 1.1: The Oz Browser.

Browser can be easily used in an Oz application as an ``embedded'' viewing tool. A Browser widget can be placed in any window and used for browsing of an application's output.

Konstantin Popov
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)