Finite Set Constraints

Denys Duchier



This package is a drop-in replacement for x-oz://system/FS.ozf. It provides bug fixes and additions to the Mozart finite set constraints. It currently exports the same features as x-oz://system/FS.ozf, but with corrected implementations of disjointN and partition.

Note that this package still imports x-oz://system/FS.ozf to inherit the non-buggy part of the implementation. It only overrides the buggy parts. This means that you should not try to overwrite the system FS.ozf with the one in this package.

In order to use this package, instead of: import FS or import FS at 'x-oz://system/FS.ozf' you should write import FS at 'x-ozlib://duchier/cp/fset/FS.ozf'


This package can be installed by following the usual configure, build, install procedure, i.e. by executing a the shell: ./configure make install By default, all files of the package are installed in the user's ~/.oz directory tree. In particular, all modules are installed in the user's private cache.

Denys Duchier