1 Introduction

The Mogul Helper application manages the entries for the Mogul archive system of Mozart. The Mogul system allows user or group of users to create their own Mozart package and make them publicly available to all the developper community. The creation process of a package involves writing the documentation, creating an archive of all required files and declaring those to the Mogul librarian. For this you need to create text files containing informations about your package and place these files in a public URL where the Mogul Librairian can regularly check them and update its own database.

The Mogul Helper application helps you manage the data you have to specify to the Mogul Librarian and create the appropriate text files.

1.1 First contacts with Mogul and the Mogul Helper application

All the packages you declare to the Mogul Librarian are regrouped under an identifier that is personnal to you. The Mogul Librarian reads your Mogul entries from text files that are placed at a specific URL. For example someone named Sherlock Holmes might ask for the mogul identifier holmes. This id will be reserved to him and only him. When using Mogul Helper, Sherlock will save its Mogul entries into the filename ~/public-html/mogul/holmesentry which can be reached by the URL http://www.detectives.org/~holmes/mogul/holmesentry. To declare this information to the Mogul Librarian, Sherlock Holmes have to send an email to contrib@mozart-oz.org with the following information :

We will reply to the ``administrative'' email address, telling which id have been granted.

1.2 First time Mogul Helper is started

When starting Mogul Helper, a dialog box appears : select Create a new Mogul database and click Ok. A dialog box appears : type your mogul id as was granted to you and click Ok. A dialog box appears requesting informations about the contributor. You have to pick an id for the author, then specify your name and email adress. Note that if the Mogul Librarian messes your name up in the index of the Mogul web pages, you can fix it by clicking Override name for index and specify the exact name you want to appear in the Mogul web pages. Clicking on Ok confirms the information you entered and starts the application.

The packages can be organised in sections, very much like files can be organised in directories. A section can contain subsections and packages. The root section is defined by the personal identificator you were granted.

1.3 Using Mogul Helper

The main window of Mogul Helper is composed of two parts :

The user interface is quite straigthforward : click on the item in the top area that you want to view/edit and select the appropriate action in the down area. This will usually bring a dialog box requesting to fill informations. When you have finished updating your mogul entries, select Save... from the File menu. As the Mogul Librarian scans only the file at the URL you specified when asking your Mogul id, save to this location or copy to this location.

Note that the mogul database is composed of several files : one for each section, one for each package and one for the author definition. For example if you save your Mogul database to ~holmes/public-html/mogul/entry, the Mogul Helper application will generate an entry file, but also several other files. All these files must be reachable by the Mogul Librarian, so make sure that they are all on a web server in the same directory as entry and have all the correct rights set.

Donatien Grolaux
Version 1.1.1 (20000613)