4 Demo Applications

In Chapter 3 we have described some useful examples of how to use the HttpClient package. In this chapter we'll present some concrete applications which use all functionality provided by this package.

4.1 Web Browser

In this section we present a simple application whose main goal is to provide a graphical user interface of the HttpClient package. The flexibility of the package's interface is reflected within the main frame's menu. For example, the package's classes are accessible within Services menu, and their optional parameters can be set by using Options menu. The graphical user interface was built with QTk module, which can be found in MOGUL.

As one can see in Figure 4.1, the fetched document is not interpreted but displayed as it is. Thus, in the case of compressed files (e.g. *.gz, *.zip), only displayable characters will be displayed by the QTk text widget.

Figure 4.1: The GUI of the Web browser

For development of this application, Mozart Compiler 1.1.0 (20000207) playing Oz 3 was used.

The web browser (source in bwoz.oz) can be compiled as follows:

ozc -x bwoz.oz

and simply invoked as follows:


Valentin Mesaros