A fully functional inspector.

Joachim Niehren



The Oz Inspector of the actual Mozart-1.2.0 is not fully functional in contrast to the Oz Inspector of the actual Mozart-1.3.0 devellopment branch.

This package provides the fully functional Inspector from the devellopment branch also Mozart-1.2.1. It supports

  1. inspecting in deep spaces
  2. displays strings nicely (by default as everybody would expect)
  3. and supports the creation of new inspector windows with many user definable options.


Download the file inspector-space-0.7.pkg, invoke ozmake and execute in a shell ozmake --install --package=inspector-space-0.7.pkg ozmake --extract --package=inspector-space-0.7.pkg The second comand will extract the source files in the current directory.
You can test it from the Mozart Emacs user environment by feeding test-inspector.oz.

Further Documentation

Further documentation is available in the documentation of the devellopment branch: /devel/doc/inspector/index.html

Joachim Niehren