9.3 Bug Fixes in Detail

record unification

an invalid optimization was introduced in 1.2.0 that affected speculative unification of records

variable aliasing detection (Windows)

variable aliasing detection was inoperative. As a result propagation was weaker. This could be observed with the SEND+MORE=MONEY example which produced a larger search tree

oztool (Windows)

oztool ld now also works under Cygwin (not only Mingw32). Furthermore, options are now accepted in any order, and options -I, -l, -L and -s are supported for gcc and Microsoft Visual C++

OS.system and Open.pipe (Windows)

OS.system was broken in 1.2.0 and has now been repaired; bug fixes in inheritance and closing of handles

failed futures

(dis)equality testing now correctly passes up exceptions. Value.byNeedFail is now careful to be non-requesting.

IO problems (Windows 2000 Service Pack 2)

system would freeze if ws2_32.dll was not loaded

Entailment of propagators

propagators are now again included in the suspension count


fixed bug related to merging


fixed bug related to sorting task intervals

Version 1.4.0 (20080702)