1.2 Changes to the implementation

The distribution layer has been completely reimplemented on top of the DSS (Distribution SubSystem) library. The latter was written by Erik Klintskog as part of his PhD thesis: Generic Distribution Support for Programming Systems, KTH, June 2005. The DSS can be used independently of Mozart: it's a C++ library that is called by the Mozart emulator, but it can also be used in any C++ program to provide similar distribution abilities. The design and implementation of the new distribution layer is described in Raphael Collet's PhD thesis: The Limits of Network Transparency in a Distributed Programming Language, UCL, December 2007. The DSS library is under the directory platform/dss in the sources of Mozart.

The distribution layer extends the capabilities of the former distribution layer, and implements the new fault model for Oz. The new library subsumes the former network protocols used in Mozart, but their implementation differ and are incompatible. The Mozart marshaler and pickler have been modified to fit the new architecture.

The internal VM support for distributing language entities has been redesigned as well, in order to make the distribution support more generic.

Version 1.4.0 (20080702)