10.3 Changes in the implementation that affect maintainability and portability

10.3.1 Accessing Oz Data Structures

Mozart 1.2.0 features the new design and implementation of the part of the run-time system (engine) that deals with allocation and accessing Oz data structures. This not only allows 2GB of live data, as mentioned in Section 10.1, but also:

* Greatly enhanced portability

Mozart does not impose anymore any constraints on where the "C" data regions are mapped, which is different across different flavors of Un*x. This also simplified the Windows port.

* Is THE prerequisite for clean 64bit ports

while this release still does not support 64 Bit machines such as Alphas, etc, this change is the first -- and quite big -- step towards that goal.

10.3.2 Redesign of the Distribution Subsystem

Distribution subsystem has undergone a principle overhaul.

A document describing the Distributed Subsystem added to the documentation tree.

Version 1.4.0 (20080702)