12 Changes between Mozart 1.0.0 and Mozart 1.0.1

This is a minor improvement release to fix some small bugs and offer some improvements. You can judge yourself whether you should upgrade to 1.0.1 by reading the list of fixes and improvements. If you have suffered from any of the problems mentioned, you should definitely download the new version.

General fixes

  • Obsolete menu entries in OPI removed (Bug 276)

  • Argument parsing made even more POSIX compliant (Bug 278)

  • Error messages pop up right buffer in OPI (Bug 243)

  • OPI connects correctly to engine during startup

  • Module managers resolve user names '~name' in file names (Bug 219) Many small fixes

Windows fixes

  • Blanks in URLs work now: Mozart can now be installed into a directory whose path has blanks in it (for example C:\Program Files\Mozart) (Bug 255)

  • Default contributions available

  • Performance improvements for Graphics

  • Improved installation under Windows (Increased Mozart awareness for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator)

Unix fixes

  • OZHOME can be adapted in oz startup script

  • Linear solver packages excluded by default

Linux RPM fixes

  • Version numbering scheme fixed such that upgrades become possible

Other platform fixes

  • Configure problems for FreeBSD 3.0 (freebsd*-i486) fixed

  • Ports to Irix (irix6-mips), OSF-Alpha (osf1-alpha), HPUX (hpux-700) improved


  • Remote module managers support arbitrary fork methods (in particular ssh)

  • Parallel search engines allow specification of fork methods

  • Example programs included in all distributions (not only rpms)

  • Open.pipe allows brute force shutdown via close method

Version 1.4.0 (20080702)