13.4 System Modules

13.4.1 Search Engines renamed

The engines that used to be available by SearchOne, SearchAll, and SearchBest are now available under Search.base.one, Search.base.all, and Search.base.best (for more information see Chapter 4 of ``System Modules''). However in the Oz Programming Interface SearchOne, SearchAll, and SearchBest are still available for convenience.

13.4.2 Scheduling support moved

Scheduling support is now provided by the system module Schedule rather than FD.schedule. See also Chapter 11 of ``Finite Domain Constraint Programming in Oz. A Tutorial.'' and Chapter 6 of ``System Modules''.

13.4.3 System.get and System.set

System.get and System.set have been replaced by more powerful procedures that are available in the module Property, which is described in Chapter 23 of ``System Modules''.

13.4.4 System.valueToVirtualString and System.virtualStringToValue

System.valueToVirtualString and System.virtualStringToValue are now available as Value.toVirtualString (see Chapter 3 of ``The Oz Base Environment'') and Compiler.virtualStringToValue (see Section 4.2 of ``The Mozart Compiler''). In particular, Compiler.virtualStringToValue is a full featured and stable replacement for the ad-hoc System.virtualStringToValue.

Version 1.4.0 (20080702)