13.5 Tools

13.5.1 New Tools

Mozart comes with (improved) versions of the tools that came with DFKI Oz. Additionally, it has:

13.5.2 Compiler

The compiler has been reimplemented in Oz. This means that an arbitrary number of compiler objects may be instantiated on the same VM. Linguistic reflection is thus fully supported through an API that offers unrestricted access to the compiler's functionality, documented in ``The Mozart Compiler''.

13.5.3 Gump

Gump, the frontend generator for Oz, is no longer a stand-alone tool that must be invoked on a file, but is closely integrated into the Oz compiler. It is now sufficient to set a switch:

\switch +gump

and full Gump functionality as described in ``Gump - A Front-End Generator for Oz'' is available within the language. Furthermore, support for Gump under Windows has been greatly improved.

Version 1.4.0 (20080702)