3 Backwards Compatibility

The modules described in this chapter provide functionality to increase interoperability with or upgrade from previous releases of Mozart.

3.1 The TextPickle module

The TextPickle module allows one to read text pickles written by Mozart 1.0.1. It may be imported as follows:

import TextPickle at 'x-oz://contrib/compat/TextPickle.ozf'


{TextPickle.load +V X ?YTs}

takes the name of a file V containing a text pickle and parses it. Returns the value represented by the pickle in X. X may have holes (unbound variables) in place of the data structures that could not be converted (at the moment, these include procedures and extensions except byte strings). YTs maps these holes to low-level descriptions of the corresponding data structures as described by the pickle; for procedures, this includes the instructions making up the body.

Denys Duchier and Leif Kornstaedt
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)