2.1 The class OZ_CtDefinition


virtual int getKind(void) = 0;

Returns an integer identifying a constraint system. The integer value has to be unique for each constraint system. Call int 
to obtain a unique identifier.


virtual int getNoOfWakeUpLists(void) = 0;

Returns the numbers of wake-up lists of variables constrained with this kind of constraint. This number corresponds to the number of events which can cause a propagator being imposed on that kind of variable being rerun.


virtual char ** getNamesOfWakeUpLists(void) = 0;

Returns an array (with getNoOfWakeUpLists() entries) of strings describing the event(s) associated to the corresponding wake-up list.


virtual char * getName(void) = 0;

Returns the name of the constraint system. Is used when outputting variables of that kind.


virtual OZ_Ct * leastConstraint(void) = 0;

Returns the constraint which is subsumed by or equal to all other constraints of a certain constraint system.


virtual OZ_Boolean isValidValue(OZ_Term t) = 0;

Returns OZ_True if the Oz value referred to by t is a value which is in the domain of the constraint system. Otherwise it returns OZ_False.

Tobias Müller
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)