10 Drawing Board

Michael Mehl, Ralf Scheidhauer, Christian Schulte and Gert Smolka

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The drawing board allows multiple, distributed users to create and manipulate graphics. All users have the same, consistent view of the drawing.



The selected tool determines the kind of graphical object that is created when clicking the drawing area.


Clicking over the drawing area, a graphical object as determined by the selected is created at the mousposition.


Object can be modified by clicking them with the middle mouse button. While they are modified other users can not alter the particulat object.


Clicking an object with the right mouse button deletes it.

Mailing Applets

Pressing Mail Applet, generates a new board applet on the fly and sends it by mail. The recipient can execute the applet and can by this join into the existing drawing board.

Note that mailing applets is currently not possible on windows platforms at all. In addition, mailing applets relies on the program metasend, which is part of the metamail package. A discussion of the software package you can find in [Pee95]. The package is available at

North America




Most Linux distributions I am aware of also include the package.

The currently participating users are listed by their mail address in the Users area.

Saving Applets

Pressing Save Applet, generates a new board applet on the fly and saves it to a pickle. Executing the pickled applet joins into the drawing board from which the applet was saved.


Version 1.4.0 (20080702)