3 College Timetabling

Martin Henz, Jörg Würtz and Tobias Müller

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This demo solves a real time-tabling problem: it finds a time table for a college in Saarbrücken and presents the time-table graphically. Details on modelling and implementing that problem can be found in the paper Using Oz for College Time Tabling.


When the program is launched the problem specification is already loaded.

Menu File

Load Solution

Load the initial solution. This is useful for optimizing based on an initial solution.

About this program

Display message about program.


Exit the program.

Menu Compute

First Solution

Find first solution. After finding a solution the solver tries to find a better solution.

Optimize Current Solution

Resume after interrupting finding a solution.

Interrupt Solving

Interrupt finding a solution.

Menu Output

Display graphically

Display solution as a Gannt chart.

Display with Browser

Display solution as Oz term in the Oz browser.

Display textually

Display solution as table.


Version 1.4.0 (20080702)