4 Cutting Glass Plates

Christian Schulte

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This small demo allows to edit cutting problems and to compute a solution for the edited problem.

The Problem

A number of small glass plates must be cut from a large target glass plate. Additionally, cuts can only be straight and must cut the entire remaining plate (remember the material to be cut is glass).


The number entries allow to enter the number of glass plates that are to be cut from the target plate. Both x- and y-size of the target plate can be edited by the lower number entries as well.

The status entry gives suggestions on whether all glass plates can be cut from the target plate.



Starts computing a placement of the glass plates together with how the plate can be cut into pieces.


Stops a currently running computation.


Animates the glass plate cutting.

The status entry gives information on whether the computation found a solution.


Version 1.4.0 (20080702)