8 Lift

Martin Müller

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This demo performs a simple simulation of lifts. It can be operated both in an interactive (Section ``Interactive Mode'') mode or fully automatically (Section ``Automatic Mode'').

Interactive Mode


Clicking one of the triangles on the left issues a request for a lift to the respective floor for service in the indicated direction. The lift that can serve the request quickest (according to its current schedule) will be sent to the requesting floor.


On arrival of a lift, a console will pop up requesting the user to indicate the goal. While the console is visible, the corresponding lift is not available for other requests. Once the user clicks one of the circles, the lift will add the corresponding request into its schedule and serve it.

Automatic Mode


Clicking the button marked start generates a random sequence of lift requests and serves them just as the requests generated interactively.


Clicking the button again, now marked stop, stops the automatic generation of lift requests.

Interactive lift requests can be issued in addition.


Version 1.4.0 (20080702)