2 Monitoring remote Mozart engines

In Chapter 1 we have seen how the Distribution Panel can be used to monitor communication to and from its own site. The Distribution Panel can also be used to monitor communication between remote Mozart engines. The communication frame can be opened locally for especially connected remote engines. This is a feature useful in distributed debugging, but must be used with care. Connecting creates extra communication that must be taken into account when viewing the statistics and may alter the behaviour of the application.

To connect Distribution Panels do the following:

{DistributionPanel.server ?P}

This call prepares the DistributionPanel to act as a server able to monitor connected engines. A port is returned and is to be used for such connections.

{DistributionPanel.client P}

If P is a port created by {DistributionPanel.server?P} this will connect the calling ozengine to the ozengine who created P.

In the Distribution Panel of the server, an asterix (*) will appear next to the site of connected clients. By right clicking such a site, the communication frame of that client will be opened in a seperate window at the server and the client will be told to start sending information on its communication. When the new window is closed the reports will be stopped.

Erik Klintskog and Anna Neiderud
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)