3 Interpretations of the Distribtion Panel output

Here we give a couple of examples of the output of the Distribution Panel. We describe a program with a special property and then we show how it is possible to see that property in the Distribution Panel.

3.1 RTT fluctuations

In a client server application where the clients and the servers are involved in heavy comunication even the smallest RTT fluctuations can totaly ruin the performance. We monitor the server and observe strange transients in the RTT graph. The transients seem to come with regular intervals. An intelligent guess is that garbage collection at the clients and the server causes inaccessablity and thus raises the RTT.

3.2 Connection Port

Inspecting the Exported entities frame on a disconnected Mozart emulator shows a port in the scroll window. This is the port that the connection mechanism uses and not a bug. It is allways present when some distribution has been initialized since this always initializes the Connection module.

3.3 Unexpected Exports

Unintential exportation of Modules is a common bug in Mozart applications. With help from the Exported frame one can see all the entities that are exported.

3.4 Mass importation of Variables

When doing synchrone distributed calls using Variables for passing the answer a lot of temporary variables are created. Binding all the extra variables creates a lot of protocoll action and implies a lot of messages.

Erik Klintskog and Anna Neiderud
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)