6 Limitations and Modifications

The current release has the following limitations and modifications with respect to the specifications of the distribution model and the failure model. A limitation is an operation that is specified but is not possible or has lower performance in the current release. A modification is an operation that is specified but behaves differently in the current release.

Most of the limitations and modifications listed here will be removed in future releases.

6.1 Performance limitations

These reduce performance but do not affect language semantics. They can safely be ignored if performance is not an issue.

6.2 Functionality limitations

These affect what operations are available to the programmer. They document where the full language specification is not implemented. We hope that the undergrowth of limitations is sparse enough to let the flowers of Oz grow unwithered.1

6.3 Modifications

There is no modification to the formal semantics of the language.

1. C. A. R. Hoare, The Emperor's Old Clothes, 1980 Turing Award Lecture.

Peter Van Roy, Seif Haridi, Per Brand and Raphael Collet
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)