5 Status Information

Status bar

The status bar displays the most important information on the Explorer and the search tree.


To the left of the status bar the letters BAB (for branch and bound) are displayed, if the Explorer is currently running in best solution search mode. Otherwise, no letters are displayed.


The time gives the runtime spent so far for exploration, where time for garbage collection is excluded. The percentage figure displayed in parenthesis shows the amount of time spent on copying.


The number of occurrences of each kind of node follows then to the right. The choice node drawn in the status bar is of special importance: if the search tree has been explored completely, the choice node is drawn as a closed node, otherwise as an open choice node (see Chapter 4 on open and closed choice nodes).


The depth shows the depth of the search tree, that is the number of nodes on the longest path in the search tree.

Mouse pointer

When the Explorer is idle, the mouse pointer is displayed as an arrow. If the Explorer is exploring the search tree the mouse pointer has the shape of a watch. During drawing, the mouse pointer shows a pencil.

Christian Schulte
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)