8.1.2 Functions

Oz_Boolean OZ_isExtension(OZ_Term t)

Tests if the OZ_Term is an extension (t must be dereferenced first).

OZ_Extension * OZ_getExtension(OZ_Term t)

Unbox the OZ_Term into an extension (t must be dereferenced).

OZ_Term OZ_extension(OZ_Extension *e)

Box the Extension into an OZ_Term.

typedef OZ_Term (*oz_unmarshalProcType)(MarshalerBuffer *)
typedef OZ_Term (*oz_suspUnmarshalProcType)(ByteBuffer*, GTAbstractEntity* &)
typedef OZ_Term (*oz_unmarshalContProcType)(ByteBuffer*, GTAbstractEntity*)
void oz_registerExtension(int id, oz_unmarshalProcType, oz_suspUnmarshalProcType, oz_unmarshalContProcType)

Registers unmarshal procedures for the extension with the given id. The second and the third procedures can be 0 if marshaling for Oz distribution for the given id is not defined.

int OZ_newUniqueId()

Returns a new unique number usable as the id of an extension.

Michael Mehl, Tobias Müller, Christian Schulte and Ralf Scheidhauer
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)