B Enabling Oz Applets

Most Mozart demos are available as Oz applets: Oz applications that can be started by clicking a link on a web page. In order to start them by clicking, the web browser must know about Oz applets (or Oz applications as we also call them).

B.1 Enabling Oz Applets under Windows

The modifications described below only have to be done by Unix users. Under Windows the installation process will automatically do the necessary modifications for you. If that fails for some reason, please follow the instructions below, but use

"C:\Program Files\Mozart\bin\ozenginew.exe" "%1"

as application (assuming that you installed Mozart under C:\Program Files\Mozart).

B.2 Oz Applications

Application execution in a web browser (and also by mail tools, etc.) is controlled by MIME types. An Oz application has the MIME type application/x-oz-application and the filename extension oza.

To make your Web Browser or E-Mail tool Oz application enabled, it needs to know the following bits of information:

Mime type

This is application/x-oz-application.

File extension

This is oza.

Program location

Where the Oz engine to execute Applications resides. For example, if Mozart has been installed in /usr/local/oz, this is /usr/local/oz/bin/ozengine.

B.3 Example: Making Netscape Mozart Enabled

The Netscape application dialog.

Picture B.1.

You have to do the following steps:

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