8.4 Photos

8.4.1 Description

A photo is an image whose pixels can display any color or be transparent. A photo image is stored internally in full color (24 bits per pixel), and is displayed using dithering if necessary. Image data for a photo image can be obtained from a file, a string or a url. At present, only GIF and PPM/PGM formats are supported. A photo image is transparent in regions where no image data has been supplied.

In QTk, photos are built by the QTk.newImage function. This function takes one parameter: a record of the form photo(param1:value1 ... paramX:valueX) and returns an object allowing to reference that photo and change it as needed. The valid parameters and methods are described below.

8.4.2 Parameters

8.4.3 Interface

Donatien Grolaux
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