B Mozart System Development Support

The commands and user options described in this section are probably only interesting for people developing or extending parts of Mozart and thus compiling their own system components. They provide for testing parts of the system locally before installing and for running them under the GNU Debugger gdb.

For completeness and as a reference for the developers themselves, they are described here nevertheless.

B.1 Viewing Emulator Bytecode

The bytecode produced by the compiler can be displayed conveniently in an Emacs buffer. See Section 4.3 for a description of the feedable regions.

oz-to-emulatorcode-region START END
oz-to-emulatorcode-line COUNT
oz-to-emulatorcode-paragraph COUNT

The corresponding text region is prefixed by

\switch -core +codegen +outputcode -feedtoemulator 

and fed to the Oz Compiler. If compilation succeeds, the resulting source file will be displayed in the Oz Temporary buffer.


This is the major mode for displaying (especially fontifying) bytecode. Loading a file with extension .ozm automatically puts a buffer into Oz-Machine mode. You can tell a buffer is in Oz-Machine mode by the string Oz-Machine in its mode line.

B.2 Testing Locally

One part of the support is concerned with testing system functors locallyetc. This part is now subsumed and replaced by profiles (see Chapter 6).

B.3 Running under gdb

This part is now also subsumed and replaced by profiles (see Chapter 6).

Leif Kornstaedt and Denys Duchier
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)