2 The Menu Bar

2.1 The Panel Menu

This menu contains operations to clear and close the panel and to stop the Oz system.


Displays a window containing short information on the Panel.


Clears all monitoring information of the Panel.

Save Parameters...

Save the current system parameters settings to a file. Feeding that file resets the system parameters to their saved values.

Shutdown System...

After confirmation with a dialog the entire Oz system is halted.


Closes the Panel window.

2.2 The Options Menu


Toggles whether the Panel provides for monitoring only, or for both monitoring and configuring.


Creates a dialog to set options when the Panel updates its display. Update Time gives the time period after which the display is updated. Update Requirement allows to toggle whether the display is updated, only if the mouse pointer is over the Panel's window.


Creates a dialog to set the history range for the thread and memory graphs.

Christian Schulte
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)