3 The Panel Object

This chapter lists all methods of the Panel object. New Panels can be created by creating new objects from the class Panel.'class'. Execution of

MyPanel = {New Panel.'class' init}

creates a new Panel which can be accessed by the variable MyPanel.

3.1 Invoking


{Panel.'object' open}

Invokes the Panel.

3.2 Options


{Panel.'object' option(configure +B)

Toggles whether the panel allows to configure system parameters.


{Panel.'object' option(update time:  +I<=_

Sets the parameters for updating as described in Section 2.2.


{Panel.'object' option(history range: +I<=_)

Sets the parameters for the history range as described in Section 2.2.

Christian Schulte
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)