10.2 Changes in the implementation that affect usability and performance

10.2.1 Bugs

Bug fixes, including, but not limited to:

All in all, a lot of them. Really a lot.. The system is used now for a series of our projects, as well as for projects outside the Mozart consortium, and also for teaching at all our three sites. Have also a look at http://www.mozart-oz.org/cgi-bin/oz-bugs/FIXED

10.2.2 2GB of Live Data

Oz programs can reference now up to 2GB of live data on a computer with the 32bit address space, compared to .5GB for all the previous releases.

10.2.3 New Supported Platforms

New supported platforms - linux ppc & pentium 4.

10.2.4 Improved Distribution Subsystem

The distribution subsystem has been improved, in particular, as the traffic between Mozart sites increases. In extreme cases the win is up to orders of magnitude.

10.2.5 No Fast Inter-Site Communication

Unfortunately, the inter-site communication over shared memory (property 'distribution.virtualsites', see also Chapter 13 of ``System Modules'' is currently inoperable. We are working on bringing it back in the next release. This is caused by extensive changes in the implementation of the distribution subsystem, as outlined in Section 10.3.

Version 1.4.0 (20080702)