C Application Programmer's Interface

This section documents some functions that might be useful to users wanting to write their own Oz-syntax-aware commands. All of these commands respect Oz syntax w. r. t. quoted elements.


Return non-nil iff point is inside a string, quoted atom, backquote variable, ampersand-denoted character or end-of-line comment. In this case, move the point to the beginning of the corresponding token. Else point is not moved.


Search backward resp. forward for the last resp. next keyword or parenthesis preceding resp. following point. Return non-nil iff such was found. Ignore quoted keywords. Point is left at the first character of the keyword.


Move to the last unmatched start of a bracketed Oz construct and return column of point.


Move point to the next unmatched end.


Move to the last unmatched opening parenthesis and return column of point.


Move to the next unmatched closing parenthesis.

Please submit interesting commands you formulate using these functions to the author.

Leif Kornstaedt and Denys Duchier
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)