1 Introduction

Thank you for choosing Ozcar, your friendly debugger. This manual will help you to make first steps in using Ozcar, hopefully enabling you to make proper use of it for your daily development work in Oz, and will serve as a reference to its functionality and peculiarities.

Manual Structure

Chapter 2 describes how Ozcar can be started, followed by a description of the components of its user interface in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 aims to convey an intuition of how to interact with this user interface; if you found Chapter 3 a hard read, you might want to look at it again after this. The fundamental knowledge of how to control debugged programs and how to examine their data is presented in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6. The more advanced features of post-mortem debugging in the presence of unhandled exceptions and remote debugging of distributed applications are dealt with in Chapter 7 and Chapter 8, respectively. Finally, Chapter 9 summarizes limitations to remember when working with Ozcar.


The reference section of this manual offers detailed descriptions of all of Ozcar's menu items in Appendix A, and of the Application Programming Interface in Appendix B.

Benjamin Lorenz and Leif Kornstaedt
Version 1.4.0 (20080702)